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Hi everybody, Just sitting here thinking how very lucky we are to be able to talk to one another and share our insight and our experiences. Wouldn't it be fun to all meet somewhere at some point when we are through with this cancer treatment. Somewhere like San Francisco or Myrtle Beach S.Carolina or wherever we all could choose. Each of us could start a reunion savings right now so we'll have lots of cash to blow....WE DESERVE IT....Put a glass jar on the dresser and add all your change and one dollar bills. I told Vinnie that we could all meet on the Empire State BLGD. and throw our wigs into the wind. (get arrested and spend our time in a New York jail). Just a thought, NancyS

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Hey Nancy:
Got my jar right next to my computer. Sounds like a great idea, and what a great positive thought to follow. Just let me know everybody decides to go and I'll be there.
Nancy, there is a great breast cancer show on right now. I'm kinda listening while I'm checking my sites and e-mails. But its on the health channel EST, and Its all about risk factor, genes and clinical trials going on. Very interesting, so I will check back later.

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