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Sorry we didn't connect

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Hi all. I went to Oncology.com Thurs. evening around 8:00. Didn't find any of you, but I got to chat with 2 new friends (Maggie62 and kinkeeper, alias Nancy). I invited them to CSN. By the way, I got a great report today from my surgeon. He feels my 3x4cm tumor has disappeared thanks to chemo (3cycles so far) and the grace of God. I'll still have to have surgery (to biopsy a little tissue at the site) and also lymph node dissection. I still have a very small palpable lymph node, but the surgeon believes it will probably disappear as well. Unfortunately, I was not able to get my 4th chemo today because my blood count was too low. Oh well. Keep in touch.

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Hey Jackie, I'm Nancy. I made it oncology.com last night just as you and Maggie were talking and then I got a phone call about my brother who is fighting a brain tumor, so I had to log off. I would have enjoyed talking to you. I have been CSN for awhile and have met some truly wonderful people. Everyone seems to get a different Cancer therapy, you did the chemo before your lumptectomy to shrink the tumor. I had the lumpectomy (2cm tumor) and then the dissection. Next comes chemo. Will start about two weeks, I think. See the Oncologist next Wednesday. Chemo scares me but it is something I guess we all must do. Cancer is just an epidemic!!Everyone I know has been touched by this awful disease in some way. I think my strenght is being tested for some reason. First my brother and now a close friend is very sick, but I am determined to stay positive for all of us. Theres a song I sing , it's lyrics are something I sing all the time. It's, "ain't nothing gonna break my stride, ain't nothing gonna slow me down..oh no..I'm running an I won't look back....and so on. That is just the way I feel..We are all running and we can't slow down until this cancer is GONE!!!

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Hi Jackie:
I'm vinnie, I go to chat on Tuesday with Maggie and Diane. I was fun, but I will be anxious to chat when there are more of us on line. I'm so glad to here that the chemo is helping shrink the tumor. I start chemo this Thursday, so any little bit of good news regarding its effect is good for me. by the way, how are you responding to the chemo so far???. Well, Keep up the good word, and hope to speak to you more on Tuesday or whenever we can all get to chat.
God Bless,

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