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Christmas planters

My first attempt at something like this.

Christmas planters

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"Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway." John Wayne.

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Pretty Kitty!

Here is my husband Greg and my pretty Bombay mix kitty Smoke gets in your eyes. We call her Smokie. She is seven months old now and we had her since June 2017. We love her!

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My story.....after Stage 0 DCIS in 2013

To make a long story short, I'm a Stage 0 Survivor!


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Sharing some photos from MSABC 17!

This is me and my friend Linda who is a Red Hatter too in front of the pink Chevy after we crossed the line at #okcmakingstrides!

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Northern Lights 2

lights 5

lights 6

lights 7

lights 8

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Northern Lights 1

light 1

lights 2

lights 3

lights 4

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Natalie- my foster kitty

Love this little girl


I was diagnosed with Stage 3 rectal cancer December 28, 2016. A week later I had a port installed and a week after that, began chemotherapy using FOLFOX. I had a total of 8 rounds of that, lasting 4 months. After a two week break, I began chemoradiation, receiving a total of 28 cycles. Six weeks later I had a Low Anterior Resection with a loop ileostomy. 9 weeks later, which brings us to October 23, 2017, my loop ileostomy was reversed. I am currently trying to get used to my intestines new way of functioning, as it is different. My doctor tells me I will have a 'new normal'. 


20 plus year survivor of Leukimia.


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