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Guidance for Investigators


Thank you for your interest in interacting with the CSN community.  If you are an investigator interested in recruiting participants for research through CSN, please utilize the information below to expedite the review of your request. 

To protect and support the CSN environment, requests to recruit CSN community members for research are reviewed by ACS staff to determine if the proposed involvement meets criteria ACS has established for such requests. After submitting an announcement at http://csn.cancer.org/node/add/content-announcement, you should send the following documentation to CSNSupportTeam@cancer.org:

  1. A copy of the full study proposal, including the informed consent form and any associated survey instruments.
  2. A copy of the approval letter on agency letterhead for the human subject review of the research by a certified Institutional Review Board (must be an IRB listed at http://www.hhs.gov/ohrp/assurances/status/index.html).
  3. ACS will NOT approve any application to recruit CSN members for studies proposed as part of a classroom or undergraduate student project, including undergraduate capstone/research projects. ACS will consider applications to recruit CSN members for exceptional research proposed by a graduate student as Principal Investigator and intended to satisfy requirements for a graduate degree.  Such requests must also include a signed letter on university letterhead from the student’s mentor/advanced degree advisory committee chair acknowledging review and approval for the proposed research.  You should indicate the program and degree to which this research will apply.  Applications from graduate students wishing to evaluate any aspect of CSN will NOT be approved as noted below.

In addition:

  • ACS does NOT allow announcements to be posted from organizations or individuals with a known or suspected affiliation with the tobacco industry. 
  • ACS does not charge for posting approved announcements. Proposing financial incentives to ACS will not increase your chances of being approved and may cause us to look more carefully at your proposed research. 
  • Including incentives to CSN members for participation in your study is allowed, but only if the use of such incentives has been reviewed and approved by an IRB.
  • Announcements requesting CSN community member involvement in research with a main goal to assess or evaluate the whole or aspects of the ACS Cancer Survivor Network online support (e.g., program evaluation) will not be approved. ACS reserves the right to evaluate its own programs and services, including CSN.
  • Since there is a dedicated place on CSN for announcements, investigators should not post announcements directly on discussion boards. When these posts are found, they will be removed, and the investigator will be guided to use the announcement process.
  • Writer/journalist requests to interview CSN members will not be posted to CSN. All media inquiries should visit the Media Relations page on cancer.org, which can be found at http://pressroom.cancer.org/media-relations-contacts.
  •  Announcement requests should demonstrate awareness of CSN’s Terms and Conditions, which can be found at http://csn.cancer.org/termsandconditions​

Once the announcement form is submitted at http://csn.cancer.org/node/add/content-announcement and the items requested above have been submitted to CSNSupportTeam@cancer.org, the submission will be reviewed. Most requests will be responded to within 3 days. More complex research may need additional review, and the response could require 7-10 business days. If we expect a delay, an ACS staff person will contact you with an update.

Thank you again for your interest in connecting with the CSN community!

Your CSN Support Team

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