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Im leaving the site this morning. The reasons are personal. I want to thank you for your kindness, courage and support you have given to the memebrs here. I want to wish you the best very best of health and happiness. I will miss your spirit and love for one another

Heart of Soul


  • cobra1122
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    You will be missed
    I like many others will miss your imput and your compassion . But everyone has a journey they must take and they must find the things that will make their journey one of happiness and peace.
    Our Prayers and Best Wishes to You,Your Family, and Everyone. ..,
    Dan (cobra1122) and Margi Harmon.
  • Glenna M
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    Sorry to see you go
    Sorry you are leaving as I have read most of your posts. Even if you didn't have the answers you always included useful links that we could research for more information.

    My best to you and I wish you good health and happiness.

  • achyx2
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    no your' the best
    hey ,sorry to hear your leaving ,only talk with a couple times, but what a nice fella, your inspiration , knowledge , and kindness will be missed ,,take care and wish ya the best of health
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    My best to you, you have
    My best to you, you have given me helpful info and advise in the short time I have been here.....
  • medi_2
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    how did I miss this??
    Hiya, I'm sorry you have to leave but I also understand forums take on a life of their own and become overwheming. Perhaps you just need a break ;).
    take Care