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I have recently done a Cancer donation mail out. I had several people ask me about left over supplies left from their deceased famly members. They have also donated money which I have forwarded to the Cancer Society. Is there some place these supplies can be donated?


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    Hi! I would try your local Hospice. They care for many patients that don't have the funds to purchase items they need.
    Hope this helps!
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    This is an excellent question. I am certain that the issue comes up time and again, not just among those trying to do the best thing after the demise of a loved one, but even among those of us who overcome the disease to the point that we no longer need our supplies.

    since my wife is a nurse, I am aware that hospitals as institutions are not predisposed to take in such supplies, for legal reasons as well as health-related ones. Even so, I know that some medical professionals will accept such donations and provide them to the needy.

    So, in addition to medi's sound advice, you might consider talking to people at your local medical facilities, face to face. Some of them care enough that they will rejoice in such an offering.

    Consider also ACS itself, probably one of the first places that folks in need during time of cancer crisis look to.

    There are apt to be any number of local charities, too, that will accept such gifts. Many of them can be found through ACS.

    You probably know better than me that any such supplies must be pristine (and thus the legal issues). Cans of protein are probably safe. Gauze still in the wrap might be safe. Medications are illegal, and items presented in open wrappers (or which are 'open' by nature) are not going to make the cut.

    Best wishes. It is nice to see that folks are looking out for other folks.

    Take care,