Dry cough nothing helps

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I have a continual dry cough for over a week now . Sometimes I can control it for short periods, and other times I have to cough but nothing comes up. Does anyone know if this caused from the radiation to the lungs. Makes it difficult to breathe trying not to cough. Dr. said use vaporizer or cough syrup but that dont seem to help either. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions.


  • stayingcalm
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    You can try using Mucinex if you feel you need to clear your lungs but nothing is coming up, but you should also contact your doctor and see what he thinks. He may want you to come in to get checked out since his suggestions didn't seem to help.
  • appleyellowgreen
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    Ditto - I've found Mucinex helps, but my physician told me to try it. I'd get an ok first - but it's advertised everywhere all of a sudden, and taking the initiative to ask is ok. Be well.