Some relief

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I still have a few more day before my stitches are removed, but I am happy to announce that Saturday the doctor called me to say they got it all and I am released for the next three month, baring that the oncologist doesn't feel I need more test, which I won't know until after the 24th.

Its been a frustrating, draining and emotional few months... thank you all for your support and know that I am here for you.


  • gailaj
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    glad to hear
    Hi Kisma -
    Glad to hear there is some light at the end of the tunnel, finally!

    Take care,
  • JR1949
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    Glad to hear your good news
    Hooray, glad to hear your good news. I know it is frustrating waiting for results, as you said it is an emotional experience. Stay positive and I wish you the best.

    We are all here for you too.