my neice, just found out today she has cervical cancer,Please help.

Hi,I just finished treatments for Breast Cancer two weeks ago.Today my sister told me that her 29 year old daughter has Cervical Cancer.Do they usually do a historectomy and then is the normal Chemo?said that two cells shows cancer.I would appriatte any input.Thank you.(Pat).


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    Treatment depends on

    Treatment depends on many variables. What has been done so far? It sounds like it's been caught early if their saying that only two cells show cancer. I wish all of you the best...sounds like your family has had a rough time as of late.
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    Answers for Cervical Cancer Questions
    I am a 10 year cervical cancer survivor. You and your neice will want to go to the National Cervical Cancer/International HPV Cancer Coalition website. They have all the information you are looking for about cervical cancer and they also have an online community where you can go and post any questions you may have and receive an amazing amount of support from other patients and family members. Their website is There are over 6,000 members in that organization and chances are you will get faster connections and information with that site that is specific to cervical cancer.

    Keep in mind, no website or any online community can give you treatment information. Treatment is specific to every individual and can only be determined by the patient and their doctor.

    I will tell you that in my personal case, my cancer was removed solely with surgery - however, I had a very early stage when diagnosed and I had no lymphatic involvement. I did not have any chemo or radiation at all. That WAS 10 years ago and many treatment protocols have changed since then.

    Good luck and please check out the NCCC's website and become a member. It's free and they don't sell your information or share it with anyone. You can email them for help too at [email protected]

    Good luck!