There is no place like home for the holidays.

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Best wishes to everyone for a peaceful and enjoyable day, filled with the camaraderie of family and good friends.

My husband has been readmitted to the hospital yet again (on Tuesday) as he struggles to recover from colon cancer surgery and the post-op fistula complication he suffered after the surgery.

I'm happy to report that he is feeling better and the volume of fluid output from the fistula is declining dramatically--both very good signs. Nevertheless, there is something decidedly gloomy about being in the hospital on a holiday.

I was able to take our five-pound silky terrier, Misty, to the hospital this morning for a visit. The spirits of both Misty and my husband were buoyed by their visit. If anyone would like to meet Misty, I've posted a slideshow of photographs I've taken of her on my expressions page.



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    Misty :)
    Hospitals during the holidays can be empty indeed - I remember my liver surgery on December 27. 2007 and remembering how I wanted to be at home - New Year's day went by and was still in hospital - but thank goodness they are there when we need them.

    I do hope things go better for your husband - surgeries take a lick out of us each time - sure makes us appreciate the good times that's for sure.

    I watched your slideshow of Misty - you and I have talked about her and I always wondered what she looked like - she is very sweet and those were very nice pics.

    It made me think of Sundance - Christmas was always for him and was his time of the year - he brought the joy too for us - was a great protector and a tremendous healer too - only he was much heavier than Misty, LOL :)

    You've been real busy I know, but it's possible that we will be getting another Golden Retriever in our lives towards the end of January - we are hopeful - it's hard to put Sundance behind me and think about another dog in his house - but we feel that things happen for a reason and if the time is right, then I'm looking forward to being a proud papa again!

    His Daddy is a "best of show" and his Mama has won awards too - he's 3 weeks old now, but we have not seen any pics due to the holidays.

    I'll temper my enthusiasm as to not let my heart get broken again - but we'll see what happens as the days pass.

    So good to hear from you again - Happy Holidays to you and your husband despite your curent location - home is where the heart is, right?

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    Doggy visit
    So glad that allowed your pup Misty to visit your hubby. As I write this my hubby is napping with our 2 dogs.
    Best to both of you.

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    Doggy visit
    So glad that allowed your pup Misty to visit your hubby. As I write this my hubby is napping with our 2 dogs.
    Best to both of you.


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    Sometimes our four-legged family members are the best medicine. My little yorkie Lilli was at my side constantly last year thoughout my treatment. On the sofa, on the bed, laying on the bathroom floor, wherever she needed to be just so I know she cared. They have such instincts about when we are down, sad, or hurting. It is awesome that you were able to take Misty to the hospital, I know it did them both a world of good.

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    I was diagnosed Thanksgiving week 2 years ago and had my surgery the day after Thanksgiving. It sure did seem lonely being there and not being able to have a big family celebration. I'm glad you were able to make your husband feel less lonely by bringing Misty for a visit.