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Hi guys.

Any MTC survivor out there should also consider following the site. It is specific to thyroid cancer, and has a very extensive and knowledgeable group of forum members, especially MTC survivors.

MTC is very different from any other cancer. The number of doctors that specialize in MTC is less than a couple dozen. Too many doctors (oncologists, endos, ENTs, etc) attempt to treat MTC, leading to unnecessary and harmful treatments.

If you have MTC, you have time to read and discuss it. It moves slowly. You should have no surgery or chemo or radiation until you have been seen by a doc that specializes in MTC (that is, sees MTC patients every week).

The calcitonin issues, symptom issues, and a million other issues are very detailed. Again, I would urge you to go to the thyca site. There are hundreds of meddies there.



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    Thank you so much.
    I had MTC 6 + years ago, but I was to young to understand much (I was 12/13). Now I'm somewhat researching it and any sites are helpful.