had ultrasound this morning

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My legs are clear - no clots. So just one PE. They think my body should reabsorb it within a few weeks. Lovenox shots all week while they work on getting my Coumadin level right. Then just the rat poison and no shots for about 6 months, as long as I am NED at the end of chemo and don't need more. If I need more chemo I have to stay on it. The doctor this morning said there is a new drug, but it won't be in regular use for about another year. Just a pill - and one that is not rat poison...

Chemo disconnect at 2:30 today, and they will leave the port accessed so I can get this awful IV out of my arm. This is the worst placement for an IV I have ever had. The ER nurse was awful. He hurt me a lot with the Lovenox shot too. The nurse this morning was much better.


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    Stuck another day
    I thought I got to go home today. The doctor just came in and said if all goes well I can go home tomorrow.

    At least they have oatmeal and cream of wheat - about the only things I can keep down right now...
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    coumadin while on chemo
    Hi Kathryn

    I was on on coumadin while on chemo. FOLFOX, specifically the 5FU, can make it difficult to keep the coumadin levels in proper ranges so just wanted to give you a heads-up so that it doesn't surprise you. Since my clot was nearly 6 months before I stared chemo (right after radiation/chemo), I was able to switch to an aspirin a day instead of the coumadin, though that too is contraindicated with 5FU.

    all the best, Leslie
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    Good to hear no DVT
    Good to hear no DVT, PE is enough! Ask about eating green leafy stuff. They have Vit K and that would also make Coumadin harder to control. What is the new drug? I hate the rat poison. I go again on Wednesday and already having alot of anxiety about it. I still fill ichy from the last round. I am really trying to stay positive because that is what people want to hear but I get really tired of putting on a happy face and saying Oh I am alright when I feel sick! Sorry to vent, really I am o.k. and should be glad I only feel icky, I know that PE can cause so much pain and distress and you have really been through it.

    Take care, will be waiting to hear that you are home!!!!!!