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    I am sorry for this


    I am sorry for this setback. I am on irenotecan as part of folfiri + avastin & have had terrific results so far. After just 4 treatments, the cancer in my colon is not detectatble (no surgery yet) & 3 of the 4 lever mets have shrunken (the 4th stayed the same & did not grow). I have found this cocktail tolerable, mostly just fatiguing. My hair has thinned but I have not lost it & have not worn my wig yet. Not everyone even has hair loss; you might not experience that. You are right; while hair loss is not the end of the world, it is another thing to deal with on this journey. I know you said before that you were worried about how your kids will deal with this; I would maybe involve them in helping you to pick out a wig "just in case". In any case, good luck tomorrow, & I am sending my best wishes for success with this treatment.
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    So sorry

    I'm so sorry! I wish I could give you a real hug, because I know you're devastated. Take a deep breath and try not to stress too much (I know...). Let us know how things go.

    I'll be praying for you.

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    I am so sorry, Patti
    I hate to hear this news, but I am glad that your doctor has another plan, please know i will continue to pray for you, and will add a little extra prayer that you dont lose your hair. Good luck and please let us be there for you...

    God Bless
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    Don't give up HOPE
    I am sorry about your news. But don't give up HOPE. It can be done and there are many other options. You can always go wig shopping with your kids. They may get a kick out of seeing you trying on new "do's" and it would be a great way to tell them you may lose your hair. I think you would look great in a Katie Holmes wig or a fabulous Tina Turner wig! Prayers for you and your family. Marie
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    Hi Patti
    Sorry about your news. Just want you to know I'll be praying for you.

    God Bless!