what I am grateful for this thanksgiving

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This thanksgiving I am grateful for every sunrise.
I am grateful for my BFF Bonnie who has never missed a chemo session,
She has been with me for every scan,and only missed one doctor appt'
but when she called me to tell me she couldn't make it because of a problem her
daughter was having, she had already arranged
for another friend to go with me.you can't pick your family.but you pick your friends
and I picked a real winner.

I am grateful for this website and all the people who talk to me,advise me and comfort me
My friends do this too,but the difference is they don't have cancer and I always felt
a bit "in a group of one".

Now I know I am not alone and it makes me feel stronger and less afraid.

I hope every one has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!!!!!!! :-) :-]


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    What a
    Lovely friend you have! mine kind of scattered away when they learned of my dx, but I do have a few left :) I give thanks for my kids and husband, who stand by me and are with me here at home helping me out and acting like little moms to me :)

    That was lovely Kate, and I hope Everyone here has a blessed Thanksgiving, I plan on gaining at least 30 lbs, and not giving a crap lol...

    You will never be alone with this Kate, as long as we're here, no one will be, I hope everyone out there is well, and everything comes out positive on their tests, scans, surgeries, etc...I have been thankful for this board as well, it's been a great comfort, meeting people like you all, I love you all.

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    what I'm thankful for
    I am thankful for my family- my husband and three kids. My family and extended family have been great- my mom lives nearby and brings me home from chemo each time I have to go in.
    I am thankful for friends- you do find out who your true friends are, the ones who keep checking on me, (and then there are the ones that still don't know what to say- so they've disappeared- I think most of us probably know of a few people in our lives like that). But the true friends have been awesome!
    I am thankful for people who barely knew me who went out of their way to prepare meals for my family on my chemo days.
    I am thankful for my furry dog Zelda, who is my shadow wherever I go in the house.
    I am thankful for where I live- I have a home near hills and a creek- very peaceful.
    I am thankful for HOPE- in that there's always something to look forward to, whether it be for my cancer treatments or something that a family member is dealing with. Never lose hope!
    I am most of all thankful for my faith in Jesus Christ. I feel and believe He is carrying me through this all and giving me a strength that I never knew I could have.

    Blessings to you all this Thanksgiving!
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    Kate is blessed
    I enjoyed reading your thankful story, your friend is a true gem and you are lucky, and as you have said, you are thankful. Enjoy your holiday and may you and your's be blessed throughout the holidays.