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my husband is 66 years old and was just diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer that has metastasized to numerous areas in his brain,liver and skin on July 1 st of this year.he had 10 whole brain radiation treatments and 6 rounds of chemo. they used cisplatin and docetaxel. the last round was only docetaxel. he has been sleeping 22 hrs a day, has almost no appetite, and is cold all the time. he also has times where he has been extremely confused to the point that he has trouble working the remote control for the television.he also has had illusions . is this normal behavior and will his confusion get better? we're talking about an extremely smart man who always worked crossword puzzles in ink and did hard sudokus . i would appreciate any input anyone has. I'm at my wits end some-days. thank you in advance.


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    Unfortunately, some of what you have desribed is normal, many people suffer the same side effects. If you read my bio you will see I understand what he is going thro.
    Most of these side effects should ease up , but it does take time. I realize that isnt fast enough for us, but the drugs have an after life that keep it in our systems for a while. That is also helping in the battle against the cancer.
    All I can truly offer is no matter what keep a positive attitude and support to help him thro this, sometimes a Boost Milkshake helps with the lose of appetite. But also watch him, and if the side effects dont seem to be easing up, get with the Onco Dr and have him do a brain scan, as a very rare condiiton brain atrophy sometimes happens after chemo, I unfortunately have suffered from that, but it IS a rarity. As I said if you check my bio you will see my case is by no means the norm.

    But a positive attitude and support, plus prayer goes a long way in this battle and it can be won or at least brought to stale mate as there are many examples on this site.

    Our prayers and Best wishes to Your Husband, You and Your family,
    Dan and Margi Harmon