Newly Diagnosed (Just Yesterday)



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    Kentr said:

    I agree 100% with Larry. Have a friend come along with you if at all possible - the doctor might agree to the tape recorder routine but in this litigious society, he might feel VERY uncomfortable with the thought that you are recording things in the event you might want to sue him later.

    GO FOR IT!
    Hey Sonny,

    Do not worry about missing any answers, you will have plenty of time to think over all your specific info. You also have all of us to depend on! Have fun in TigerTown! It is my home town!

    Jim (shubbysr)
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    Good Luck to you. I had
    Good Luck to you. I had DaVinci surgery and was walking a mile in a week. Went to a trade show 3 weeks after. Tennis 6 weeks after.Had to have radiation treatments 2 years later to kill a few cels that had escaped, but you should be able to bounce back from the surgery fairly quickly
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