Chemo for bulky tumor

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My brother has low-grade, b-cell lymphoma, marginal (monocytoid), small and mix-cleaved,
stage III (probable stage iv). Also a very bulky tumor in the abdomen. He is asymptomatic.
We've visited several oncologists/clinics. All recommend chemo but different regimens. None
will commit to say which has greater efficacy, less toxicity. So I'm looking for experience and

Option 1: CVP with or without Rituxan
Option 2: Fludarabine alone or with a) mitoxantrone b) rituxan c) dexamethasone

Thank you in advance for any insight.



  • auntboo
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    I can't give advice on what to choose but let me tell you about my chemo. I had large cell, b-type and was in stage 1. For my chemo I had CHOP and rituxan. After the first dose, my tumor (in my neck) shrank remarkably. I had a slight reaction to the rituxan (began sneezing and acting like an allergy attack so they gave me benedryl and slowed the drip) but they took care of me and I did fine. Ask the doctors "why" they recommend what they do and they should be able to tell you more about your options. Other than throwing me into an early menopause (which didn't last and I don't think your brother has to worry:) I haven't suffered any bad effects yet. My chemo began in February of 2002 and I only had to recieve 3 rounds.
  • wallpa
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    I've been a member of a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma list for about a year. The collective wisdom of the list is that with low-grade lymphoma, you start with the mildest regimen and work your way up if it doesn't work. A single agent chemo may be the way to start...he can use something stronger like CVP if the single agent doesn't work.
  • gmab
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    I was dx March 2001 with Low-grade NHL stage IV and a bulky tumor in the abdomen. The choice of chemo was FND(includes fludarabine,and steroids)after 3 treatments the tumor was dramatically shrunken and I received 5 more treatments to be on the safe side. Followed up with ct's every 3 months, unfortunately after 5 months remission, it recurred quickly-next option was Bone Marrow Transplant, prior to that,Chemo is given to shrink the tumor as small as possible. This was the RICE treatment-(includes rituxin). This was a more intense therapy for me,it included hair loss and vomiting along with extreme fatigue. But, it put me in remission after 5 treatments and now the oncologists decided to hold the BMT until the next recurrence of cancer. Hopefully it will be along time, however I do have ct followups every 6 weeks. Just remember every person is different when it comes to treatments and reactions to the therapy chosen for them. Wish your brother good luck and all the best.
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    I had a grapefruit-sized large b-cell tumor on the back of my pelvic bone. It was inoperable (long story), so the treatment I had was 6 cycles of CHOP (with Rituxin), an auto stem cell transplant, and 23 radiation treatments. However, the tumor was GONE after chemo -- as confirmed by a PET scan. They went ahead with the transplant and the radiation "just because." I hope your brother is as blessed as I was.
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