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I sm new here and not sure if anyone has any understanding of what I am about to ask, but I appreciate any information from past experiences.

So, I am 30 and I have been told that I have carsinoma insitu. This is based on 2 abnormal paps, after the 1st pap (Sep 08), they did a colposcopy in Dec and took 2 biopsies in an area where she saw some weirdness, but it came back fine and scheduled a pap for 6 months later. The 2nd pap also included an ECC and was done in June 09 and it also came back abnormal. So i had a vaginal ultrasound and a "talk" with my doctor. She said based on the ultrasound my endometrium is healthy and normal, but my cells have changed and she said carcinoma insitu. I am now scheduled for a cone biopsy on Tuesday morning, she said her plan is to take out about 2 - 2.5 cm of tissue, so that i can still have a 2nd child if I want. The doctor said if she sends the biopsy to the lab and it is abnormal, or that it has broken some kind of barrier, then she will send me to an oncologyst. The nurse also mentioned carcinoma insitu, so I know thats what i am dealing with. I asked her if that meant stage 0 and she said that they don't like to stage anything until the cone, but that she is feeling very positive because my ultrasound was so normal. She said that if the dr goes in and sees that I am infested with cancer, she will not do anything, wake me up and talk to my husband and i together. Then of course refer me to an oncologyst.

I am super freaked out. I have 16 & 18 strain of hpv and carcinoma insitu at 30, wtf?
Does anyone have any experience with this? What can I expect from a cone? Is it super painful afterwards? We already have plane tickets to Detroit for Thursday am, after the Cone on Tues am. My husband will be with me and we are visitng family, so I can just rest, and there will be plenty of people to take care of my 3 yr old son, I mean as far as picking him up and stuff.

The dr said this AGUS pap and carcinoma insitu only happens about twice a yr in her practice, she was very diligent in looking at it and discovering it which of course I appreciate, but I am afraid she will go in for the cone and just see that my whole cervix is swimming in cancer.

Am I crazy? Am I overly concerned? I have NO idea how to feel or what to think about all of this, and on top of it i was laid off last month, and turned 30 the month before that. So really all around it has been a bad summer.

I am sorry this is so long, but I really need some input from anyone out there who has been in this situation (not the 30th bday and lay off thing).

Thank you in advance for listening and/or commenting, I sincerely appreciate it.


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    PG, I never had a cone
    PG, I never had a cone biopsy, so I can't help you with that. I was a stage IIB cervical, upgraded to IVA after surgery. Remission since Dec. '08. I know all that's happening is very scary...take it one day at a time. You will get through this!
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    The cone biopsy shouldn't be
    The cone biopsy shouldn't be much different for you than the colposcopy. If you did ok with that one, you should do ok with this too. I had more trouble with LEEPs than anything else.

    Good luck - I hope your results come back with clear margins and nothing more to worry about.