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On Tuesday I had an appointment with the surgeon. I stopped by radiology to pick up the reports and x-rays and then went to the surgeon. After the surgeon finished checking out the right breast, then he moved to the left. He seemed very perplexed and when I went into the office he told me that there was some kind of mistake, that the reports and x-rays said the right breast, and an almost duplicate suspicious lump. But, he did find the one on the left. Well, gee I told him that I was there because of the left bump. I have NED in the right, but the left has the lump. He told me to take folder back to the radiologist and have him either rewrite the report with the correct information or re-do all the mammograms. I was pretty pissed leaving his office and went to the radiologist and spent an hour and a half with him defending the girl who sent out last years report instead of this years. They were off by one day 9/24/09 and 9/23/08. Stupid all of us for not checking the year. The report shows "noted region of physical and radiographic concern, a region of increased mixed echogenicity measuring in total approximately 1.4 x 1.5 x 1.1 cm with an echogenic peripheral zone measuring approximately 4 to 6 mm in thickness with central lucent region (ed. liquid?) measuring approximately 5 to 6 mm in diameter. I told the radiologist that because of his office's error, I would wait until he spoke to the surgeon about the findings (as the surgeon had already looked at and felt the lump already). I did wait until he spoke to the surgeon, got copies of the correct information and called the surgeon when I got home to see if and when he was scheduling the biopsy. The girl at the desk said they would contact me. I just called this morning because I want this done and soon and put behind me. They will call back. What is this? The second time is not as important as the first time????? Ijust want this out. The surgeon did say that during the biopsy, he will try to just lift the whole thing out and if its a cyst that will be it. Pray pray pray.

I was so upset Tuesday with playing medical messenger and running back and forth, missing another day from work that I just wanted to beat at anything in my path. Unfortunately that was my 88 year old Mom, so I couldn't beat her - haha. I had to take her to the dentist instead - she cracked a crown. I think she was more nervous than I was about going to the doctor. Her's was fixed, I'm still waiting.

I will keep you all posted and I thank each and every one of you for reading this babbling rambling essay!

Why is it the surgeon isn't taking this as seriously as I am????



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    Sorry you had to go through
    Sorry you had to go through all this rigamaroll. Perhaps the surgeon is looking at his schedule to see when he can do this the most efficiently and quickly. But they should be able to tell you that is the case so that you know they are on top of it. I think that many times they are doing what they should be at their end, but that they are not conveying that information to us. Instead we get, We'll call you instead of We'll call you by such and such date and if you haven't heard from us please feel free to call. It's a simply statement but says we care and are working on this for you. The first sounds like a brush off which is, I am sure, not what they mean.
    Well, my prayers will be that this is scheduled and you can know where you are at with this. I also hope that it is just a cyst and you can dance with NED.