What is going on?

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I have had post menopausal bleeding (blood stained discharge for 2 1/2 years now. I'm 66 years old.

I had a hysteroscopy a year ago which found nothing - the gyno was pretty casual - his words "what can I say - women bleed" when I asked where would the bleeding be coming from.

Because of recent lower abdominal pain and backache I have just been for an ultrasound which found a "hot spot" (explained as a red spot low down in the uterus). No-one has explained what it may be. The endometrius is estimated at between 4-5 mm thick. A biopsy was normal, but the bleeding continues and unlike a period, it is there every day, though some days are worse than others. Think I'll have to wear a pad for the rest of my life.

Not sure whether to just leave it or not. No-one seems too concerned.


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    I would push to have a D&C done.
    All of my many early biopsies were 'non-diagnostic' or 'inconclusive', and it wasn't until I had a D&C that my cancer was diagnosed/confirmed. I suggest that you push to have a D&C done, so that they can do pathology on a large tissue sample and you can get a definitive diagnosis and put your mind at ease. The D&C may even help with the bleeding. BIG HUGS!
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    new doctor
    you may want to see another doctor it never hurts. Ask friend who they see. Also might what to consult with gyn oncoligist too. Good luck and woman just don't bleed
    Good luck