wife scared and trying to save soul mate (husband)

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On May 23/06 my husband was diagnosed with advanced metastatic prostrate cancer. Since then he has been on Lupron which initially brought his psa down from 900 to 8 by Dec.06. April 17/07 psa was up to 60. April 20/07 extreme pain and put on morphine. May 16/07 psa 290. Started on Ketocotozone and Hydrocortisone. May 22 started Zometa every 3 weeks for bones. As of June 20/07 he has been off morphine and is pretty much pain free. On June 29/07 psa 404. My question is between April 17 and May 16 his psa jumped 230. Between May 16 and June 29 psa jumped 114. Does anyone know if there is a chance that the Ketocotozone might be taking longer to fully work. Otherwise why is psa suddenly slowing down. Doctor is pushing him to start chemo now but reluctantly agreed to give my husband one more month in case the Keto is not fully working. This is only after my husband was yelling at the doctor to stop pushing chemo at him and to try something else. We have until the end of July before another psa. Why is he not in pain. Also, he had an ultra sound done of his stomach and pelvic area since initially there was one or two lymph nodes affected near his stomach. Doctor wants another ultra sound done as something suspicious showed up but not sure what. He has not lost weight, eats well, just fatigued from the meds. Can someone please tell me what else we can do. We live in Canada in Northern Ontario and do not have the funds to travel all over. He is only 50 years old and we are your true version of soulmates. I don't want to lose him but am running out of hope. Doctors aren't big on this and don't want to step outside their box of traditional medicine. Desperately looking for help. thank you for listening.


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    I am so sorry to hear of your husband's health problems. However, the one thing you do not want to do is give up hope. There is ALWAYS hope. I know it is difficult, but for his sake you have to maintain a positive attitude.

    Obviously, I don't know of any magic potion that would help, but perhaps someone will see your posting and have a suggestion. Until then I will pray, as I know you are, that the PSA continues to slow or decline.

    Meanwhile, if you need someone to just talk to don't hesitate to e-mail me. I will be praying for you and your husband.

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    I am very sorry to hear of the problems you are and your husband is going through. At this stage of the disease there are no silver bullets. However there are trials going on in every country. Ask the good doctor about these - if he won't step up ask for a second opinion. Email one of the good US urology surgeons - Patrick Walsh, Ash Tewari and see if they can put you in touch with Canadian trials. I live in the UK and we are as backward as it comes but we have trials and your husbands profile I've been told is just the type to get you on one.

    As Roger says don't give up hope.

    My best wishes to yuo both