Response to treatment

duttdip Member Posts: 2
From your experiences, pls tell me how long did it take for a visible response to standard Chemo treatment..When can I see a noticeable change in size of tumor?

1/2 after [how many] cycles?
1/4 after [how many] cycles?
Disappeared after how many?


  • TheSunCameUp
    TheSunCameUp Member Posts: 8
    I think that will vary upon your regiment. I read through my records and it looked like the Dr. did not coment on the shrinkage until 2nd 1/2 of 2nd cycle. Also in my case the chemo kept shrinking it 2 weeks after last teatment, however with sclorosing hodgkins like mine you still have a good bit of scar tissue that will always be there, don't get excited until you talk with your Dr. it will just keep you up at night.
  • kiren
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    I am a 7yr hodgkins 11B survivor. Got ABVD after surgery. Immidiately after surgery I felt lesser pain in my arm which was because of the node in my shoulder. Then after first two cycles of ABVD I felt a big weight had lifted off my shoulder and infact I felt better then ever. Then after three cycles my doc did scans that showed significant shrinkage. Total I got six cycles and then rads.