update on dad and his first chemo treatment

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hey guys, i haven't been posting much, but i do read all your messages b/c i find them truly inspiring.

just to update everyone on my dear dad (diagnosed july 7, surgery resection on july 31, stage 3 with 5 positive nodes), he started chemo this past Tuesday (5fu/leu/oxy) and I know it't too soon to get excited being it's only his first treatment, but besides having a bit of sensivity to cold right after the treatment, he has had absolutely no other side effects. I just hope and pray that he does well with all the upcoming treatments.



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    Wonderful news about your dad! Tell him keep up the great work, and awesome positive attitude! Take each day as it comes, and keep drinking tons of water.

    All my best,

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    Hi Susana,

    That's great news! Keep up the good fight and great attitude (I know the better mental space I'm in, the easier the treatments are)! He obviously has a fabulous, supportive daughter which will do wonder for his morale and determination. Take good care of yourself and let your father know that we are all thinking of him!

    Have a great week-end!
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    Hi Susana,

    That is fantastic that your dad is getting through his treatment with no side effects, thats great news! Hope he continues to do well.