Brother Facing 3rd Surgery

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Hi everybody and thank you for you wonderful words and caring thoughts. My brother, Dave, had his 1st surgery 4/22; the 2nd on 5/27 (Stage IV with mets to the liver & peritoneal cavity). Since the beginning he has experienced intense abdominal pain and is now facing another surgery. Today a barium (through n/g) x-ray was taken to determine this new "blockage". His 2nd chemo treatment was due tomorrow but now may be postponed due to the possibility of another surgery. Can anyone give me some feedback/thoughts on this? Any similar experiences? I'm very discouraged at this point and am trying to remain positive. Please help!


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    I'm sorry your brother is struggling so much now, but how wonderful you are to be doing the research for him.

    I had intense abdominal pain, vomitting, and nausea after my first Folfox treatment. Thinking my symptoms originated from the chemo, I tried to "tough it out!" Finally, after 7 days of extreme illness, I went to the ER and it was determined I had a blockage due to adhesions from my original surgery. A week in the hospital with a NG tube allowed my intestines to relax and I was sent home. Prior to my next treatment, I got extremely anxious and the adhesions caused another blockage. At this point, my surgeon told me that if happened a third time, I would have to have surgery. I began taking Vitamin E and massaging my stomach and thankfully, I have had no other problems. My oncologist said that adhesions can self-absorb, so I'm hoping that has happened in my situation.

    I don't know if this is the case with your brother, but you both will be in our prayers,

    God Bless,

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    Sorry to hear about your brother's difficulties. Three surgeries in such a short time is pretty rugged. You didn't say how old he is, but I've found that the body can do pretty amazing things when it comes to healing. Have they removed all his tumors? I would imagine that mets to the peritoneal cavity involed a lot of work in his abdomen, and the adhesions are difficult to prevent with so much soft tissue surgery. Time does allow for healing and as Kay posted, adhesions can be absorbed or become less acute over time.
    It sure is understandable to be discouraged. I can imagine your brother feels the same way; hang in there with each other, keep us posted.
    Regards, Judy