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Hiya Andrea--for a change 'ol kanga's not gunna ramble on too much--jest thought yu need some kind words!
I was overwhelmed re; your response to Kinsey and am here to tell you that "you are a mountain of inspiration" to Kinsey and all of us here!!!!!
Your attitude and thoughts toward Kinsey were truly mindblowing--and I say that sincerely!
Our deepest respect for yu Andrea--keep fighting--we are all here to help yu along tha way.
Thank you for sharing your support to that youngster--it is sad--but nonetheless, people like you make this world a better place!
so says kanga and Jen,
luv n ((((((Andrea)))))))) from OZ


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    Hi Andreae,

    Kanga said it all.........and very well. My deepest admiration and respect to you also, Andreae. You are a very strong, wise and caring young woman. We will be here for you and get you and Kinsey through this disease. Please know that you are in my prayers and my thoughts.

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    I was also touched by you. I wanted to share a bit of my story with you - we have a good deal in common.

    I was diagnosed in 2002 with rectal adeno, at age 33, and had chemo/rad/surg and was in remission for about 5 months until a lung met appeared. I just had a thoracotomy 6 weeks ago and will start oxyplatin and xeloda this weekend.

    My first surgery was a APR, because the tumor was low. Compared to the first surgery, the thoracotomy was a piece of cake. MAKE SURE YOU GET AN EPIDURAL. A world of difference. Also, my chest tube had to stay in place 9 days. THe surgeon said that sometimes when people have had chemo previously, this happens... the air leak doesn't seal. Other than the stupid chest tube - things went very well. They were able to perform a muscle sparing thoracotomy!!! Thank goodness. Ask your surgeon if muscle sparing technique is an option for you. Makes recovery soo much better and easier.

    I hope your surgery goes wonderful. Be ready for the worse, but hope for the best. You are in my thoughts. Please ask if you have any questions.

    Be well. Thanks for helping others, and sharing so much of yourself. jana
  • Hi sweet baby girl! I call you that like Emily does because that's what you of the sweetest people I have ever met and too me, considering you are younger than my son who I call baby boy, you most definitely are a baby girl :-)

    I am always awed by the wisdom of your words and the compassion in your heart. It's horrible how this disease makes one age or "grow up" long before his/her time. You've handled it all extremely well and set a shining example for many on this board. I've shared your story (hope you don't mind) with my son who is 27 and he thinks you "totally rock."

    I'll always be praying for you and so will Bert...he told me to tell you to keep hanging tough and keep kicking "cancer butt."

    Hugs from Southern California, the curren home of that "misplaced" European raised in Ottawa, Canada (brrrrrrrr) Monika. And of course, Bert!!!!