Surgery went well, but body crashed

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This is my first time posting a message, so it might be long. My name is Barbara and I had a totol thyroid removal on Jan. 6,2004. I was in surgery for 4 hours.The doctor toldem my family that the cancer had spread so the whole thing had to come out plus some lymth nodes. I was released from the hospitalon Jan. 8 and told to come into the office on Jan. 19 and we would arange to have my radioactive iodin test done. On Jan. 10 woke up with the most massive headache, it was very swift and painfull, I took my blood pressure it was running 197 over 89. I asked my husband to call the EMT's to check the blood pressure. They took my blood pressure at 245/89, they told me I did not have a choise I was going to the emergency room. I was in the emergency room all day Saturday, they ran all kinds of test and did not fine out what had brought it on so they called it a migraine headache and ended up giving me 3 morphine shots before the pain finally went away and sent me home. Sometime Sunday night I got up to go to the restroom but I could not see so I asked my husband to help me to bed. Sometime later I woke up and my body started shacking I tryed to yell for my husband but he did not hear me and I got stiff and passed out. About 6 in the morning I heard him leave for his morning coffee, I got up to go to the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and passed out. He found me in the bathroom but I had passed out against the door and he could not get it open. He called the ambulance service and at the same time the grandson showed up and he tore the bathroom door. I was totally nacked and had know idea what was happening. They rushed me to the hospital which is 60 miles away. I have been told this because the first thing I remember is being in a regular hospital room and wanting the throw up. I had the dry heaves so bad my face was turning purple because I was not breathing. They made me smell alchol to stop the vomiting. I then felt my arm start chacking and I said this is what happened this morning then I passed out again. My sister told me later that I had told her how the first sizuer happened and did exactly the same thing the time in the hospital. She said they sent me to ICU and I was there 4 days. I remember the last day in ICU and remember all 4 doctors saying they have know idea what was happening. The last day in the hospital I was in a regular room and given a perscription for Synthroid and one for migraine headaches and sent home. I have now been home for 1 week and it has been scary. I have been afraid the seziures will come again and know one will know. I also am having a hard time acceptting I now have a personal history of Cancer. My 2 younger sister have had their breast removed for Breast Cancer and it has been 15 years since there has been any new signs of cancer, Thyroid was a schock, that is one gland people just don't think about it until it gives you trouble. I was wondering, has anyone had this kind of trouble after the thyroid has been removed? I still have a few weeks before I can talk to the doctors. Thank you for all you help.
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    Barbara- Have your doctors performed any CAT or MRI tests on you? Did you have a temperature with your seizures? You don't have any history of seizures? Any type of medications that were new to you besides the thyroid meds? What about your calcium levels? You still have your parathyroids? Just wondering what kind of procedures the doctors have done.. Hope you get some answers soon, that's the worst is not knowing what is causing these episodes!! Have you thought about purchasing a life line? There about $10 a month, maybe that will give you some type of security if something goes wrong next time, and your aware of the first symptoms ahead of time. SJS
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    SJS Thank you for repleying. I have never had any problems with seizures before they were a total suprise. I had a fever of 99 at the time of the seizure and I tryed to tell the nurses my normal was 97.1 but I do not know if they understood me. They did test me for calcium and it was normal but my potassium was to low. I remember them saying they were going to do a Cat Scan and MRI but I don't know if they did or not. They did do an EKG AND EEG. I did not like the strob lights at all. I do know there is nothing wrong with my heart. I am doing better each day now. Still tired most of the time. I am just having a hard time believing I have cancer. I should not because I have lived with a family member with cancer my whole life. My fathers mother died of cancer when I was 6 months old, my Mother died when I was 8 years old from breast cancer, both my sister have had breast cancer and still thriving, my mothers sister's have died from breast cancer, as a matter of fact MD Anderson in Houston had confirmed that my mother side of the family had the 4th generation confirmed that they had ever ran across. So I really don't understand why I can't accept that I have cancer.
    I do have other medical problems that probably causing everything to go wrong. I am a diabetic type 2, have high blood pressure and 3 herinated disc in my thoriac part of my back. I can say I have Thyroid cancer but I just don't seem to believe it. If that makes any sense.
    Thank you for helping.
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