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Both my parents have gotten lung cancer. My father died 17 years ago-after his surgery it spread to brain, liver and bones. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer in February. She under-went surgery on May 13th she is still in the hospital because of a prolonged air leak, this is so scary-alls I want is for her to get better and come home-PLEASE SEND PRAYERS AND SUPPORT. THANKS.


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    hi Chris, I am a small cell lung cancer survivor, I am in remission a year last Feb, I will definitely keep your mom in my prayers and you also!!! Bless,you Chris and just keep supporting your mom.bless, Mike [email protected] there is another chat site at that also offers alot of support.
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    I will add you to my prayer list. I also have lung cancer and about to start my second round with chemo tomorrow. God bless you and keep the faith.
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    Hi Chris, my very best to you and so sorry your mom is going through this; I will most certainly keep you both in my prayers. I was operated on over two years ago; had my left lung removed and am doing fine today. So there is hope and there are survivors.
    God bless and be well
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