numbness in extremities from hormone therapy?

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Has anyone experienced numbness in the fingers after three shots of Lupron and Casodex therapy. I would like to have some feedback if this is a side effect of hormone therapy. If not it must be another ailment.


  • 2375dgg
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    After 1st and 2nd shot of Lupron, I experienced some numbness in my feet and toes which probably was a reaction with my type 2 diabetes. It went away after about 5 months. You can read my story at
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    Have you checked your blood sugar? This is also a problem with diabetes, because I have it. meadc
  • 2375dgg
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    I posted an experience I had after 2 shots of Lupron earlier, I visited a older person about 76, who experienced numbness in his left hand after a number of Lupron shots and not long after suffered a mild stroke and slight paralysis of his left side. I would suggest a work up. He had surgery on an artery in his neck.