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       So after five cylces my dad's chemotherapy was stopped due to " mild " growth basically the same as it was before he started chemo . Oncologist says that's enough to know the chemotherapy will never work . Even when oncologist told me last appointment it was to soon to see results on this scan he simply wanted a baseline . So I guess lifelong chemo isn't a real thing oncologist is pushing my dad to do risky radiation ,clinical trial or lonsurf for 3 months . 

     I honestly think folfiri wasn't given enough time to work is that crazy of me am I just afraid to see reality ? I am exploring all options surgical radiation new oncologist team maybe university of michigan ? I just can't give up on my dad he has been threw so much looking for any input and advice on next steps . 

Also anyone ever hear of cancer that chemo just simply doesn't work on for no reason ? My dad's cancer has never responded to chemo oncologist says sometimes cancer does that for no reason they know of . 


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    Sometimes certain chemos don't work, or stop working for some reason.  I'm not familiar with lonsurf so I'm not able to help you with that treatment suggestion.  Also, going to another set of doctors is an option if they are going to see him in a reasonable amount of time.  Some people have tried the Cancer Treatment Center of America, but they would have to give you their experience as I'm not familiar with that either.  You, your dad and doctor's should work together to see the next possible step for your dad.  Wishing your dad the best.


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    Your family should consider

    Your family should consider the radiation treatment, if it is the one I'm thinking of, it is palliative only, so that invites another level of consideration. There is nothing wrong with looking at available trials, though you should focus on trials outside of a combo of current chemo drugs given your father's experience. There are several mRNA or monoclonal antibody trials going on at the moment. From what I read on here, Lonsurf works for a few, not many, and side effects may be too much, but those who have actually had it can tell you about it.

    My aunt keeps wanting me to try CTCA but I don't particularly trust them, or know what they do differently than other facilities.

    Worst part may be having to make quick decisions with big ramifications. It may be one of those times where you all have to go on your guts.

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    Your right that is the worse part cause the oncologist told us my dad could only have months from a pelvis mass which seems way to quick to us . Dad still seems pretty good gets around good and everything pain getting worse is the only change really . So we are kind like wtf cancer in one spot in none of the major organs can take him in a few months ? It's a shocker and we are looking into trails praying that there is something anything there to help . They have said that the radiation would be palliative when they were talking about standard radiation however I made a appointment at a photon radiation center for my dad . I am hoping maybe just maybe photon radiation can be done with a curative intent I don't know maybe I am being naive about curative at this point ? 

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    I think most of us are hoping

    I think most of us are hoping for a cure, and there is nothing wrong with keeping that in mind even if the doctors are not keen on it. There are occasionally stories of the person who was told you have XX months and they are still here after XX years. For me, with the pending successes in research on the horizon, I am looking at longevity strategies, sticking around to see if there is anything that really works. If photon radiation makes that happen for your father maybe that is the way to go.