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My surgery was 9,30.2019 with Dr. Patel in Orlando. My Gleason scors was 8 with a 9 after biopsy. Ninety  one days later I had my Gallbladder out on New Year's eve. I wil be 78 next month. I also have peripheral nerve problems. My PSA is undetectable since surgery. Will my continence come back over time. Most of my posts are on The Kudney Cancer board where I help the Newbies. My Kidney Surgery was in 2002.







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    Hi there,

    How are you going at the present time?
    Most men see improvement over one to two years that gradually tails off.
    If you are still leaking badly after that time, then I doubt that you will see subsequent massive improvement.

    Best wishes,


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    I agree with Georges, improvements should have been seen by now.

    Dave 3+4