Surgical Clips

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Just wondering, what your folks opinions are on surgical clips being left in your body for life after lymph node dissection?  I realise they are inert.  Anybody had any problems with this?


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    I have a lot of surgical clips in a variety of locations from my many surgeries.   They are usually noted by the radiologist when I have a scan.  None has ever been a problem or issue of any kind.  Actually, I have never heard of these clips being a problem, and I hope that yours are not,


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    Different technique

    Hi there,

    I had an extensive RP with a lot of lymph nodes removed and I did not have any clips put in, everything was done with cauterisation and stitching from the operative report.
    Post RP and before the start of the RT I had a pelvic x-ray and there is no sign of clips on the x-ray, I have a copy in my file.

    Best wishes,


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    Hemolock surgical clips

    Last year I had pelvic MRI with and without contrast to check for the problems with my penile implant for suspected right to left crossover of my proximal right cylinder. Radiologist noted in his report about surgical clips in my prostatic area with probably about 50 clips with some of them close and around penile base and 1 close to right internal iliac artery. I had also limphnodes dissection.

    That report gave me a clue what caused my problems with erectpile function recovery. My surgeon clamped every artery and vein going to my penis and my penis had blood supply cut off.


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    Surgical Clips (Colonoscopy)

    The reason I was asking about the surgical clips was that I am getting a colonoscopy in May.  The gastro folks noted that I had an RP in 3/2018.  They noted that the lymp node dissection was sealed and clipped.  They also knew about the left inguinal hernia repair.  So they imaged the area.  I guess they are being on the safe side.  The image came out as everything was in its place.  To include the surgical clips.  Thanks for the inputs on the clips.  Never a dull moment with the beast.