Casodex no longer working

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I posted previously about Casodex not working any more. My PSA is 60 but I have no symptoms. I cannot take drugs like Lupron and my urologist thinks that increasing the Casodex to 100mg could cause serious side effects. I cannot afford zyrtiga or xandi since there is no free healthcare where I live. I'm wondering what I should do next. But meantime I'm taking Casodex once daily instead of intermittently.


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    Everyone's definition of what is affordable is different, based upon their own personal circumstances.  I am currently taking Zytiga, but I could not afford it at retail ($7000/month), or with traditional insurance ($2000 per month), but I was able to afford it (just barely), using a GoodRx coupon, which reduced the cost to $298 per month.

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    Why is it that you cannot take drugs like Lupron?