Can a Gleason score of 3+3=6 and 3+4=7 recur?

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I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October 2020, then had my RP done in November 2020. Ten sample cores were taken, two cores returned positive for cancer. One was 3+3=6 (low risk) and the other was 3+4=7 (intermediate risk). No perineural invasion seen in all cores. Urologist determined my cancer to be stage 1. Now, comes the agonizing part of monitoring my PSA for the next several years.

I'm terrified of this cancer coming back. What are the chances that it will come back???


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    Coming back?


    I was diagnosed with 3+4 only, had a RP(Davinchi) in 2014. Have had undetectable readings ever since.  Some men will stay undetectable, some might have reoccurrence.  Not predictable in my non medical opinion.  Just need to be ready with the next stage plan if it comes back.  One thing I have observed on this form is that if you are undectable after the first few months your on your way to future undetectables.  Not a guarantee but just an observation of mine.  Good luck and don't get nervous until about a week before your next doctors appointment to hear your test results. One thing on your side is you have a lot of tools left in your "remission" bag if it reoccures.   Enjoy the good times while they exist.

    Dave 3+4

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    Agree with Clevelandguy

    With that pathology report, your chances for a recurrence are low but not zero.

    In the meantime, keep your spirits up and let's hope for many 'nondetectible' PSA results and a complete recovery from the surgery.

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    Low Risk

    Nothing in life is certain, but if I were in your place I wouldnt be worrying about it given the information that you provided. 

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    Hi Golden,

    Recurrences do not depend on the Gleason rates but on the success of the treatment. And this, by itself, depends on a good initial diagnosis and on the choice of therapy. Adding to that, the experience and professionalism of the people treating us can make a difference in the outcomes.
    The goody on our common cases is that there are several ways to treat PCa or to extend life so that we may die later of other causes.

    I had RP in 2000 followed by recurrence and sequential therapies that lead physicians to request PSA tests every 3 months. I have done already more than 80 tests and do not see them as problematic. The PSA is just a helping tool in the control of the disease. It does not diagnose cancer but helps in the judgment of the bandit's behavior.
    In your shoes I would wait for the three months milestone PSA test (post RP) to judge anything. Now is time to be positive and forget about recurence. Relax.