Our quarter century odyssey

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Hi all. New to the forum, but a long time caregiver (spouse). 

I couldn't decide where to make a intro post. But here it is.

I almost hate to say, in the year of Covid, that we are having our best year since 1995. 

Our story is no more or less tramatic than anyone elses. It starts in a small city, less than 80,000 (1995) and ends in one of largest cities, with two abdominal surgeries (2018 and 2019) and a lot of perplexed doctors.

Anyway, I'd like your input on how best to post our story as I clean out file cabinets of medical records and bills. 

I think I have gained a little useful information over the years; though so much has changed.

I need to write this somewhere! 

Can I just add to this post? Should I make a new post as I go through things and have something to add? Post somewhere else? Smile



-The surgeon on staging (in 1995)- "I spent a half a day in there. I know what I saw. Let's put the pathology grade aside and call it a Duke's C. I'm not changing my recommended course of action." 

-The managing partner of the CPA firm that I worked for at the time was on the board of directors of the hospital. Small city and we all knew each other through someone. Off the record, things weren't great in surgery or pathology at the time. 



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    Tru is probably the best spokesperson of board etiquette, but my thought is just say what you want when you want it.  There really are no clear-cut rules here, just use common sense, I suppose.

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    Thank you

    thank you for wanting to share what you have learned.  I would suggest that you create a post which just gives catagories of what you have to share, then put the details on your profile page.  That way by directing folks there they can get the details whenever.  

    Marie who loves kitties

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    Agree with Marie

    Share what you would like as I've done that on my "About Me" page.  This way it is always available when someone pulls up your profile, or you direct them to look at your "page".  It would be good to see a post here on the regular boards about some of the things that you have gone through though so people know exactly how it all began.  Glad to hear you and spouse are having a great year.


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    Great advice from Sandia, Marie and Kim. 

    I look forward to hearing all about the long and probably arduous journey. 


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    Thanks all. 

    Thanks all. 

    Kim, I looked at your profile and that's are great way to lay things out. 

    I think I'll figure out if I'm getting too wordy along the way.