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Another day a doc prescribed 100 pills of Oxycodon. I brought the script to a pharmacy, they told me I won the lottery!


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    I'm so torn between this drug, but definitely agree that people going through some of the pain that patients go through need these medications.  I'm so glad that your doctor isn't getting caught up on some drugs (non addictive) that won't help at all.  I've used those before because of surgery and it was the only thing that helped, and only took as directed, actually less than directed.  Glad some doctors are still prescribing them.


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    Guess they don't worry about cancer patients being addicts

    My doctors have prescribed them to me in large quantities too, as many as 90 at a time.  Funny thing is they don't help with certain types of pain.  I had terrible arthritis pain and ibuprofen wasn't even close to helping but the hydrocodone didn't help much either.  That was last winter.  It's not too often I need pain meds, such as when I had a bone tumor in my pelvic bone, and am happy I can actually get them when I need them.