Lovenox for pulmonary embolism

Recently had a very large pulmonary embolism that was assumed to be secondary to metastatic cancer. Start on daily Lovenox injections to prevent future blood clots. Has anyone else been on Lovenox, and if so, have you ever been able to switch to an oral medication?


  • myAZmountain
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    Upper extremity DVT

    I had a large DVT in the IJ/Axillary vein secondary to port, the docs mulled over Lovenox/Coumadin but settled on ELiquis, and I did great on just the oral--Hope you can get off those injections soon--I think the problem with Eliquis is it is very expensive , fortunately my insurance covered it. My husband had to do Lovenox for a DVT and it was just for a few weeks until the coumadin level was adequate. Cancer/chemo really impacts blood coagulation and does not seem to be on the radar of most oncologists in my opinion. I read that increase in blood clots was as common a side effect of cancer/chemo as nausea--Best of luck with your PE, a very scary thing!!

  • SoCal42
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    Lovenox for 6 months

    Saw my oncologist today, sounds like the plan is to continue the Lovenox injections for the first six months, then okay to switch to an oral blood thinner. Metastatic cancer + chemo really raises the risk for blood clots and pulmonary embolism, so be on the lookout for leg pain, swelling of extremities, shortness of breath, increased heart rate or painful breathing.