What works for you to feel positive?

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I had a partial nephrectomy in March and I am experiencing many of the symptoms that others have mentioned here, including pain and some bloating. The surgery was much more traumatic than I expected and the diagnosis came as a total shock to me since I had no symptoms and it was diagnosed via a routine ultrasound followed by CT. In the first four weeks post surgery, I was in pain and very swollen and became quite depressed. Thankfully, I am now starting to make progress and have found swimming has helped with the support and encouragement of an instructor. I just wanted to know what tips and advice do others have for remaining positive and regainging strength after this kind of surgery? The very best to everyone on this forum. I had never heard of nephrectomy before January and now feel a great kinship with anyone who has been through this. 


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    Sorry to have to welcome you here but you're in the right place.  Your body and mind have been thru a traumatic procedure.  Starting with a shocking diagnosis especially with no symptoms.  The surgery takes a toll on your body and the emotional you. Its wonderful to be on this side of surgery but it will take some time for your body to wake up from the anesthesia and surgery.  It took my body a good four weeks to wake up and for all my bodily functions to start working  right.  Remember it's ok to ask for help.  Be on top of your emotional as well as physical health.  If your feeling down there is lots of help out there.  Don't do it alone -there are professional out there to help even if it's on a temporary basis I was a total mess starting from the diagnosis thru the surgery.  I spent too much time looking for answers on the internet-BIG MISTAKE-my advise stay off the internet.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep at night and rest during the day.  Walking is very important!!  Do a little more each day towards your recovery.  Sounds like you've already started - swimming is great exercise and a positive step towards recovery- physically and emotionally-keep it up!! Keep us posted-June


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    Go with the flow




    We were all scared in the begining. The fact that yours was a partial suggests that it was small and a full recovery is in the works. You may want to wait a year before showing off that bikini.





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    Hi Madame X

    I had the same surgery in JUNE, 2016.  I love walking, so I started in on that right away, thankfully not having much post-op pain.  It helped with the healing process, but it also helped with the bloating.  I’m also a gym rat.  But I waited a good 6-8 weeks to get back into it and even then, it was another month before I re-started my full routine with the same intensity as before.

    In terms of staying positive, I do a couple of things.  First, I listen to music.....music from my generation (LOL, as I don’t consider much of what is played today to be much more than noise).  The music puts my mind at peace.  The other thing I do is plan trips.  My wife and I travel a lot, mainly in Asia, so I’m constantly looking for deals on airfare and on hotels.  That ramps me up and reminds me one of the main reasons I wanted to get the surgery and recovery behind me.

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    Time Helps

    Madame Y,

    The advice given by the others above is all good.  Just take it easy and let time do its wonders.  

    Look forward to the future, don't dwell on having had cancer.

    Best Wishes,



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    Thank you for the kind replies!


    Thank you for all the kind replies! Bay Area guy, I agree about planning trips, travel is a great antidote for the blues. Manufred, you are absolutely right about giving it time. There was such a short interval between my CT scan and surgery that I barely had time to get my head around the fact I actually had something which required surgery. I think not being able to exercise combined with the realisation of what had actually happened really hit me in the first couple of weeks post surgery. I am in a better place mentally and physically than I was even a couple of weeks ago, so time is definitely an amazing healer. Best wishes to all.