Another major surgery

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We met with my surgeon this morning. After a discussion and an update on where things stand now, we’ve got a plan of action. First, we’re not doing anything about the fluid collection right away. I’ll continue taking dilaudid as needed. We also talked about the various surgeries to lower my risk of further cancers as a result of Lynch Syndrome. As a result, I am scheduled for surgery on May 22nd to remove my remaining colon and leave me with an ileostomy, a full hysterectomy, remove my gallbladder, and see if we can reseal my liver so it stops leaking. It will be a several hour surgery. I will likely spend a day or two in ICU and several more in a regular room. I’ve done a lot of thinking since I last saw my surgeon and I think a total colectonly and hysterectomy are the right decisions for me. Cancer and Lynch Syndrome have left me with trying to make the best decision out of a lot of bad decisions, but I think this is the way to go. 


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    That's alot of surgery, but I

    That's alot of surgery, but I understand the reasons. I wish you the best outcomes with that. I never learned the timeframes of my surgeries, I'd go in at 5ish, they seemed to start at 7ish, then I'd come to around mid to late afternoon, but no one ever told me the actual times in surgery. Now I'm curious..............................................................Dave

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    I've had both my gallbladder

    I've had both my gallbladder removed and a hysterectomy and neither one has been an issue since. The hysterectomy was the best thing I ever did, actually. But it's a lot to do at once with the other surgery. On the other hand it will be nice to recover from everything at once and move on once you're feeling better.

    Good luck with it all, it's a lot.


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    It sounds like you are going to be getting a reworking of everything, but if this is going to help get you back on the road to recovery then it sounds like you are for it and best possible outcome.  You sound like you are at peace with all of this so that's good.  I'm glad there is a plan in place and hope your recovery is speedy.