I hate it

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I hate when we lose people from here. It's funny how we are really just a bunch of strangers with an odd common thread. But, it's funny what a weird feeling it gives me when we lose someone. Fox yes, but others as well. It's never easy. I know we will lose more, this is not a winning game. I suspect one day it will be me. Sorry, just feeling it today.


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    You are very RIGHT

    I think this board has a way of kicking each of in the gut (or Butt) with a reality check periodically.  We have had kidney cancer and we never know when it is going to show up again.  Once we have healed from the initial bout, there is something lurking on the ropes just waiting to pounce, again, and sometimes again.  We feel lucky each time a NED shows up; and if there is a time out so we can catch a breath.  Then we're ready to fight again.

    We have mourned many on this board since I joined almost 10 years ago.  Some I knew, some were here only for a short time.  But all are missed.

    For each of us, the fight is to survive.  So take care of your health and mental attitude so you can deal with the rest that's thrown at us.

    Best Wishes and Hugs to all.


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    It’s inevitable that,

    It’s inevitable that, eventually, all of us will be gone from here.  But until it happens to me (and at age 63 and in good shape, I figure I have a good 30 more years minimum in me), I promise to be as helpful and supportive as I can to all of you and to all those future (unfortunate) members that will join us.

    My fervent prayer is that by the time I check out that cancer in all its forms will be more of a nuisance disease than a killer.

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    crash.. you always know the right thing to say

    its true ..no one is getting out alive 

    just feel so sad for Fox and his family


    he was one hell of a guy

    we will miss him so much...


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    You're right. We're all

    You're right. We're all terminal, even before diagnosis. Just a few short years at best, in the grand scope of things beyond. Be it the universe, higher power, what have you.

    So many go blindly off into every day. A cancer diagnosis certainly changes all that quickly. Makes you think more. Fox was a very introspective guy, a real thinker. We sure will miss him. But maybe he's not too far away.

    Nice thoughts, everyone.

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    Crashter, and all our beloved

    Crashter, and all our beloved CNS friends. Yes we are all terminal, cancer or not.

    BUT the good thing is how we become closer and are welcomed and cared about on our journey.

    Our beloved Fox was a leader and mentor to many of us. He was loving, funny and kind.

    May you FEEL his presence and may his example leave a legacy for us to follow.

    Healing hugs to all of us..


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    I’m new here and all I can

    I’m new here and all I can say is I thank god I found a group of people who are going through The same thing who are there to communicate with.  Life is precious and we truly are all on borrowed time.  I fear loneliness More then I fear death and she dealing with a disease like this sometimes it’s hard to cope around people who aren’t experiencing it.  Having a support group fills a void others can’t.  I  only had one or two interactions with fox but they will stay in my memory for as long as I live because they meant to much to me.  everyone here plays a role in holding up someone else who’s fighting this battle.  That’s gods work!

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    this is tough

    This is tough - losing one of "our own". I know most of us are virtual friends, not having met - other than online. But there is a caring kinship in this group. It is difficult to explain to others outside of this forum. But the passing of Foxy is a big blow to me and to our group. He was a leader, a knowledgable and supportive friend who will be so very missed! I hate that we lose such good people far too early.

    Keep the faith, everyone.