Pain Management...chronic rectal pain

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My pain doctor wants me to try a “nuvectra spinal cord stimulator”? 

Anyone have any experience with this procedure?



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    Sorry I've not heard of this.  What is exactly the chronic rectal pain that you feel.  I'm curious as after radiation treatment it was almost three years before being able to sit down to a meal.  I'm still standing while eating because sitting for too long causes discomfort.  If you could give me a little more specifics maybe I'd be able to relate a little better.


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    Sound similar..

    I have pain in my rectum(More than discomfort). Make it hard to sit and eat, ride in a car.

    All that works for me is opioids and Ibuprofen. I had a Ganglion Impar block which didn’t work for me.

    Looking for personal experience dealing with pain.



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    So sorry to hear

    Being in constant pain is hard on the system, both physically and mentally. I am sorry to hear you are still experiencing such pain. 

    I can't help you with any advice, but have you tried CBD oil?


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    Yes to THC and CBD..

    But they are not that effective For me.

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    I have been in pain management since April 2014 because of two failed spinal fusion surgeries.  My treatment has included physical therapy, steroid injections in my spine and opioid medication.  Inspite all of the public uproar regarding the evils of opioids, I have benefited from them and have not abused them.  In fact, my dosage today is the same as it was in 2014.  However, I would like to no longer take them for two reasons - they cause constipation (Opioid induced constipation), which is very debilitating since I have had rectal cancer and a resection surgery; and the other reason is the super hassle imposed by the DEA pertinent to opioid prescriptions.  I am tired of being treated as a drug seeker.

    To remedy this I have inquired about the spinal cord stimulator and was only weeks away from trying it when I was diagnosed with RC.  Thank goodness that I did not do it.  The only model they had to offer was one that precluded you from getting any more MRI's.  As I understand, they now have a model that is compatible with MRI's, but my spinal issues have further deteriorated to the point that I may once again need surgery so the SCS might just be a waste of time for me.

    I would encourage you to obtain the name and then contact one of their patients and discuss the situation with that person.  He/she can tell you the good, bad, and ugly about an SCS.



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    I appreciate your input