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Hi Everyone, Just a catch on what has being going on. The news is after 6 1\2 Years I am in remission. I had surgery on the 9\5\18 in Melbourne (Australia) the took the last of my RCC in the neck out ( yah) and everything is all clear.

A review of the last 6 1\2 years. 2011 radical nephrectory 2 large tumours on the right (10:5x9x7 and 11x8x7)

2012 mutiple lung mets- start Affinitor- Sutent Drug trail

2013 Start Votrient small inprovement after 18 months Mets started to grow

2014 Mid Year start Sutent small improvement then started to grow

2015 December start Opdivo clear Lung Mets up in 6 months but 1 met in neck  starts to grow it had been there since 2013. I have just completed no 64 infusion of Opdivo.

2018 May neck rcc removed.

Thank you everyone for your support

Regards saintmont




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    Thanks for the update

    Realizing it's just a brief synopsis and you've been through a whole lot. So glad you took the time to let us know how things are going and share the latest good news. Woot!

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    Excellent news

    Good work there.  You seem to have tried the lot,  which may be the way of the future forcancer treatment.  Keep going till you find one that works for you.

    Interesting that the neck-met did not get eaten up by the Nivo.  Have you got pathology on that little monster?

    Stay well, Fred

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    Wow! You are a trooper for

    Wow! You are a trooper for sure. SO glad you've gotten rid of all those beasts! I hope it stays that way.

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    Saint--your post brings a lot of hope.  As you know, when we are first diagnosed--that's one of the most important things we can give.  Thank you for doing this!


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    catching up

    Hi Everyone, pathology on my neck RCC show all removed (yah), but also showed opdivo was still working on the RCC trying to quell the beast. I was lucky, without being on Opdivo I would not of being in such a good place. I am 4 weeks post op doing my exercises to improve neck movement. I will be back to work in 2 weeks, back to playing golf  ( down to 12 handicap my lowest handicap ever) and weights at the start of August.

    Regards saintmont