My Colonoscopy

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So here I lay in bed the day after my colonoscopy, not feeling well physically, but emotionally fantastic. I toasted my first prep to my husband whom is going thru the unimaginable. My second dose, I rose the glass to everyone here that is so supportive, defying the odds, and for those whom depisite their fight, lost the battle. For the first time, out of 5 I actually looked foward to doing the prep and having the scope. I went in empowered, not in fear and I have everyone here to thank for that. 

I had 3 poloyps removed and sent for biopsy and will find out the results in two weeks. Having had these little suckers everytime I am used to the wait. I did call the GI's office this morning as I am bleeding some, feel like I just got of the Tilt-a-Whirl carnival ride and have cold sweats. The nurse did not seem to alarmed said that it was likely my hemorriods and nothing to worry about. Since I am more alarmed, should this state continue or worsen I will goto the ER. I would rather play it safe than to dismiss it and be sorry. 

I just wanted to thank all the members here for your support. You each have taught me so much over the last several months, especially how to be a better caregiver to my husband. You have shared your stories and have lifted my spirts on so many occassions. You each are an inspiration to me, your bravery and candor are so enlighting. My husband has a long road ahead, but through you all I have hope.

For all you do, I want to thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart. 


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    Thank you. This site has

    Thank you. This site has helped me a lot also. It means a lot. Good luck to your husband.

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    We're all here for each other

    I am glad you got through your colonoscopy and will wait with you for you report.


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    The prep and the wait is the worst.  The test itself is a breeze because you are out.  Wishing you the best outcome and please let us know what it is. We are always here to help.