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Relatively new to the forum although I have been looking in ocassionally.

First round with RCC was Nov. of 2016 left kidney nephretomy,first post-op CT was done in Feb. 2017 and was clean. That all changed with another CT in Aug. of 2017. After a CT biopsy it was confirmed that I had a metastic RCC tumor on my paritineum above my liver. Started with Votrient as many of you have, 800 mg once a day but due to the side effects in Mar it was reduced to 600 mg than in mid Apr. reduced again to 400 mg. Based on a couple of CT's that were done in Jan. and Mar. the tumors had shown no new growth, even a dark cloud can have a silver lining.

A couple of other issues that make things a little more difficult for my wife and I is that I also have Congestive Heart Failure and stage 4 kidney disease.

Getting lots of positive support, especially from my Better-Half, as well as family and friends.

Think and Stay Positve ! 


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    Tough Journey

    Not nice when it comes back, but that is often what happens, after a while.  Hope the Votrient keeps it under control.

    My own mRCC responded to immunotherapy (Ipi/Nivo combination).  Perhaps another option should you need one.  Glad to hear you have strong family support.  Stay positive.

    Best Wishes,