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Sorry for the long delay in posting.  I know how important these posts are for all that have had the unfortunate need to seek out this website.  As an update, I am still working full time and I am at the 6 year stage 4 RCC mile marker.  Still on 800mg of Votrient daily.  Medicine has kept my lung nodules relatively steady yet I have had some small involvement in a rib in my back.  I scan tomorrow and we will determine if we move to a new regiment, likely Nivolumab if necessary.

Big discusion going on with my family regarding taking advantage of my company Long Term Disability policy and hanging up my cleats.  It is a tough decision and there are many posts on CSN discussing the plus and minus of this decision.  Alot of people have said you will know when the time is right.  I have told myself that if I have any additional growth, I am going to go out.  I am have now had 4 scans with additional growth and am still at work, however, I am beginning to understand the "you will know when the time is right" statement.  Perhaps soon?? I am blessed to have this option.

Quaity of life is still very good with the obvious side effects of Votrient: fatigue, diarrhea, headache, etc.  and the back pain from the rib involvement.  Had radiation on one lung nodule and the adjacent rib involvement that has helped I think.  Played golf two weeks ago and shot so well on the back nine that I thought I had figured it out.  Played again yesterday to find out that I do not have it all figured out and that the tour will have to wait.  

Since being diagnosed in 2010 and having a mass nefrectomy and then mets in both lungs in 2013 and in the rib in late 2017, I have managed to see my kids all graduate HS and now close to graduating college.  I continue to boat and golf and, and, and.  Life is good, especially when I can keep my mind occupied on something other than the C word, hence the long time away from this site.

There is an awful lot of I's in this post but I thought it was important to give some insight on the advancements in medicine that have allowed me to keep two feet on this earth.  The people who post here regularly provide a great service to those seeking knowledge of this journey we have all been thrust into.   Keep the faith and live life to the fullest while we still can.  Hope this helps some of the members here and I will be checking in more often.



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    Thank you

    I am actually headed out the door for my first set of scans since my surgery. I am terrified but will do my best to keep it all in check. Your post gives me hope in case they so see something.



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    What a positive post, thank

    What a positive post, thank you! Wish you lots of strength and stable disease for a long time, and to continue enjoying life!

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    I'm so glad Votrient is

    I'm so glad Votrient is working for you and keeping you stable. All the very best to you on the upcoming scans!