A good report

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PET/CT results #10. Opdivo and radiation seem to be working.

Thank you Jesus.



1. There has been interval improvement of radiated bone metastases in the spine. The remaining small bone metastases and soft tissue metastasis adjacent to the heart are stable. No new metastases are seen. Details are as follows:

2. The previously noted mild residual right hilar and mediastinal lymphadenopathy have completely resolved.

3. The previously noted large bone metastases in T10 and L4-L5 junction on the left have improved consistent with interval radiation. The T10 lesion has maximal SUV of 2.3 compared to 10.4. The L4-L5 lesion has maximal SUV of 4.2 compared to 12.8.

4. The remaining small bone metastases in left T11 rib and left SI joint are unchanged.

5. The previously noted left cardiophrenic lymph node metastasis has not changed.