Hypofractionated radiation


Anyone have thoughts about salvage radiation reducing the number (27 vs 39) of sessions of radiation? Each session radiation is increased but delivered over a shorter period of time. Recovery from side effects actually quicker?


  • Howard53545
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    just finished. 25 sessions. No big SE.

  • VascodaGama
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    SE depend on the accuracy of the equipment and field of attack


    I do not recall your case but I wonder about your inquire. Did your doctor suggested hypofractionated radiation for any salvage therapy?

    Hypofractionated radiation is a technique typical of spot radiation or in prime treatments. Salvage radiation therapies (SRT) have wider protocols so that the number of sections are defined based on the scope of the specific field of attack. Surely hypofractionated radiation is good but some fields may include delicate areas where hypofractionation is not necessary.

    Hypofractionated radiation does not equal to lesser side effects than traditional IMRT modalities. The accuracy of the equipment may influence the outcomes regarding damage and the side effects.