Cold Sensitivity and Snow storms

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Because of my fatigue, I stay inside. I am supposed to travel upstate to Christmas dinner tomorrow. But there is supposed to be a snow storm and high winds. I am wondering if I shoud skip it because of the cold sensitivity. I was already not up for the trip because of my fatigue.


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    Don't know if you're looking

    Don't know if you're looking for just any advice, but you have every right to be good to yourself, to get what comfort you can during these trials. Anyone will or should understand accept your decisions during this time, and it's better to err on the side of caution, as well. Wishing you peace as well..........................................Dave

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    Agree with Dave

    You know its your call, and I say 'don't feel guilty about it'. 

    The cold sensitivity shouldn't be a problem, unless you break down in the snow; and who knows if that is going to happen. 

    The fatigue and travelling may not be a good combination, and you could end up in a gathering of loving family and friends, unable to enjoy. 

    Whatever your decision, be happy. Do what is best for YOU. This is your time to take every bit of care of yourself. 

    Blessings in whatever your choice. 


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    Yeah, I canceled. It meant a

    Yeah, I canceled. It meant a 3 hour trian ride. And the snow up there is going to be brutal. It was actually my aunt who suggested it. I will go up there when I have that 2 or 3 good days at the end of an infusion cycle.

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    The forecast in my area is 6

    The forecast in my area is 6-10 inches of snow with wind speeds of 20-30 MPH. I would think twice before trying to drive in something like that. The train would be easier but I'm not crazy about dealing with bag issues on a long train ride.

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    My neuropathy

    My neuropathy is so bad I stay in. I do let the dogs in and out but that is brutal and I’m in Texas.

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    When you are in treatment your plans always change.  Don't feel bad about it.  You do what you feel you can handle.  No one else is going through this in your family (I'm assuming) so they don't know where you are coming from.  A long train ride would not be pleasant when you are going through what you are plus the bitter cold weather we have had lately.  Hope you got to do something special for Christmas.  Our daughter and husband (in the Army) talk on the phone to each one of the 7 other children during Christmas Eve at our house to make it feel like she is there kind of.  You shouldn't feel bad. Merry Christmas.


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    We're planning on a long

    We're planning on a long train ride soon (9 hours). I've thought of driving as well as it would cost a lot less and be more convenient for bathroom breaks and food breaks but it would be a lot of work.