Dragging feet

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For some reason my insurance is dragging there feet approvlng my surgery for my open procedure in Cleveland which is 3 1/2 hours away. But I thought was in my network.  I may have go end up having it locally and that dr want to do robotic surgery. Just hoping this urologist that is not rcc specialist will still be ok. Its been since Aug since the finding. Should I be worried about its growth over these two months?


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    Keep your chin up

    Well, that sucks.  Sending prayers that this gets resolved quickly so you can on with the surgery.

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    medicalcare is beyound me but I pray that you have by now been treated and are on the other side


    You have had a rough year so pray this is the final bump in your bumpy road





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    Sorry for this delay, how

    Sorry for this delay, how frustruating!

    Is it because Cleveland is out of network ? And are there any other Urology surgeons near by who also are trained in robatic type surgeries?

    Usually RCC is slow growing from what I have learned. Do you remember what size the radiologist describes in his scans?

    And have you spoken with your insurance company too?

    Sending you HOPE, calm with answers real soon!

    Hugs, Jan