continous fever after chemo

My brother is undergoing chemo for his lymphoma but since last 2 weeks he is continously having fever, due to which his chemo scheduled for today is also delayed.. But ther are no infections in any of his results. Is this ok?? Can anyone help??


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    What does doctor say?

    My first guess is neutropenia. That is a common side-effect of treatment and often leads to a fever. If his fever is above 38C (or 100F), he should see doctor as soon as possible.

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    I had fevers for a few weeks during chemo. They would come on when I would lay down at night and last about two hours and then go away. I had neutropenia. I would take my temp every 30 minutes to make sure they didn't go over 100 as I was to go to ER if they did. They never did thank goodness. My dr. never delayed my chemo for neutropenia. There was a study that came out about three years ago that said it was better to maintain chemo schedule then to delay for neutropenia so long as there were no other issues. Long story short...what your brother is experiencing isn't unique.

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    Now doctor says there is infection in brain


    Thanks for Ur reply. the doctor did all tests again yesterday including MRI. Now they say that some protein level is very high. This they say means there is mild infection in brain

    Any suggestions for further course of action. Should we consult some neuro expert now.