Bad news on CT scan (good update)

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Since I got the report from Hospital Patient Portal on my phone this morning showing that I had bone cancer...I got ahold of the nurse who had called me the day before telling me I was free of disease on scan. I told her what had come across in my portal and she said that she was looking at my scan results showing no lesions. I left my house, left my daughter in tears and I went to the clinic to confront the nurse. She had the full Radiology report showing, 6mm cyst on remaining kidney, and NO bone lesions. She said what came through on my patient portal was a type of coding that Radiology uses for billing. And that the doctor had seen the report and I am only suppose to have a follow up scan in 3 months. She did not know why that billing code was on the report. I never saw the full report until she handed me a hard copy of it. This is my lesson..I will not ever use the medical patient portal again for any reports or diagnosis. I learned the hard way after my blood pressure hit the roof..get your report in hand and on paper. I deleted that friggin app.


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    Glad you got that straightened out. I'm sure you feel better.  I also use the patient portal. But have never gotten incorrect information.  

    Best wishes 


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    My day was a mess

    It was just too strange. I dont know why that information was the only thing that showed up. I have never had any kind of problem with it before. From now on, I will get my hands on copy. My nerves couldn't handle this again.


    Thanks Kim for best wishes.  Have a safe and peaceful holiday.

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    I have been thinking about

    I have been thinking about you all day since you posted.  So glad and relieved for the good news!!

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    I appreciate th

    It has taken me all day to calm down, especially seeing my daughter break down. I wasn't  crying about all this, I was pretty steamed. None of it made sense. I had to find out the hard way, don't trust information that isn't on paper. 

    I think I might be able to rest tonight.



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    Have been thinking of you too

    Have been thinking of you too, it must be draining but at least it is a good news worth celebrating!

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    Me too

    I'm also happy that you're ok.


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    WHEW!! Glad you found out

    WHEW!! Glad you found out what was accurate. 

    But I always get my written reports so I can ask pertinent questions to my doctor. I had not one, but TWO separate radiologists say, in the same paragraph, that my cancer was in the right kidney, then the left as my Urologist told me. I had HIM call and have the radiologists make an amendment. He was furious too.

    When I went to have my left kidney removed, I said  you DO know which one you are taking out, right? LOL


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    What a wonderful post

    What a wonderful post

    I'm very happy for you